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Emily Jerome, MEd, LCMHCA, NCC

(she, her, hers)

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Hi, my name is Emily! I am a therapist and lifelong advocate for mental health and wellness. As a licensed therapist in Raleigh, I am committed to establishing safe therapeutic alliances and working collaboratively with my clients to help them find agency, purpose, and direction in their journey towards change. My goal is to create a comfortable and empowering environment for you to find your voice and guide your own path towards your full potential. 

I received my MEd in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from North Carolina State University and have experience working primarily with college-aged students and emerging adults dealing with circumstances that are unique to their lives. I currently work with Counseling Professionals PLLC, where we strive to assist you in developing through self-discovery and self-compassion. I understand how stressful, yet important finding the right fit is. It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone and offer vulnerability to someone you have never met. It would truly be a privilege to hear your story and walk alongside you as we do this hard work together.

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Come As You Are

I believe we all have the right to feel fulfilled, balanced, and whole. Life can get challenging sometimes, leaving us feeling stuck, lost, and even exhausted. That is why I strive to provide you with a safe space to recharge, reflect, and reconnect with your authentically best self. If you are new to counseling, welcome! Starting counseling can feel daunting and honestly ⎯ weird. But I can walk with you every step of the way on this new journey towards growth and wellness. I am passionate about meeting you where you are and empowering you to gain the tools you need to achieve your goals.

I utilize an integrative approach that is wellness-based and strongly rooted in social justice and feminist therapy principles to empower and assist you in building self-confidence. Additionally, I am experienced in providing cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), as well as solution-focused, strength-based and other multi-culturally competent interventions. I strive to meet you where you are and set my pace and approach in therapy based on your desire and comfort. 

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